Geodesy and cartography have always been the basis for solving a wide range of tasks, including: ensuring the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of property objects, designing of technological processes, and efficient use of land resources. 


Our company will provide up-to-date GEO data that will allow to fully ensure the design of your business processes with the maximum effective use of the property complex.


• Remove and fix the boundaries, nodes coordination of land plots, buildings and structures.

Boundaries siting of the land plot, siting of the object contours. Create the catalog of nodes coordinates for the contours of a building, structure on a land plot. Provide estimated values of the area and geometric elements of buildings, structures, complex technological complexes.

• Create special cartographic material.

Design and creation of digital terrain models, digital terrain models, maps and plans.

• Transfer points of the state geodetic network, create geodetic networks for special purposes (Satellite Geodetic  Network - class 1, 2), including networks of differential geodetic stations.

A technical project approved by the territorial bodies of Rosreestr (Federal Service of State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography) to create a special-purpose geodetic network. Report on the creation of the geodetic network for special purposes and its transfer to the the Federal Fund of Spatial Data.

• Develop unique (local) coordinate systems for production facilities and territories.

Research of unique parameters of coordinate systems, preparation and submission of reports to the Federal Fund of Spatial Data on the establishment of the coordinate system.