If you have a wide range of skills in business and economics, then there's a question: what is the "root mean square error in determining the coordinates"?



Questions like these and other unpredictable circumstances in the field of real estate use can force the necessity for the knowledge that cannot be obtained by reading a couple of pages on the Internet.


Involving a consultant in such cases is economically justified, since it allows to save time, to get an objective point of view, which can help effectively focus on solving production problems.


• Prepare reports on the presence / absence of objects, on the stage of land development.

The report includes documented photographic data and reviews on the state of the territories for the required date.

Identifice changes in the boundaries (contours) of anthropogenic and natural objects, compare areas and other geometric and semantic characteristics.

The report includes documentary data prepared by GIS tools proving activities on the territories (land plots).

Condition of agriculture and vegetation.

The report includes documentary data on the indicators of the amount of photosynthetically active biomass (vegetation index) for ecological, agricultural and forest monitoring for the territories according to Earth remote sensing data.

Indicate pollution and evaluate the development of emergency situations according to the Earth remote sensing data for the required dates.

The report includes indicators of the state and dynamics and forecasts for the pollution development, areas of significant damage, objects of accumulated damage.

Reports on the results of land management and environmental expertise (including those ordered by the court).

The report on the validity of the GEO data used as the basis for the expert reports; reports on the necessity to revise the methods; methods of expertizing with reports on the compliance / non-compliance of the report to the established requirements.

Prepare GEO data to  perform documents to contest the cadastral value of real estate objects.

GEO data sets in the form of cadastral passports of territories, other cartographic material to generate a report on challenging the cadastral value.

Search and process real estate cadastre data for the required dates and periods.

The report on the cadastral state of the territories for the required date and certain periods; cartographic material is provided.